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Sales & Support

Newton is dedicated to providing its customers with first-class service and support. Each customer is assigned a customer team including, an Account Manager, Customer Consultant, Customer Service Representatives and a Customer Engineer. We are offering new support services on the Internet every day. Let us know if you have any suggestions for new services online.

Main Line: (919) 575-6426

Fax: (919) 575-4708

Sales Personnel
Title Name Direct Line Cell Phone
Director of Sales & Business Development Tim Palmer (919) 575-5557 (919) 632-2649
Customer Service Supervisor Edward Poyo (919) 575-8128  
Customer Service Representative Robert Moore (919) 575-5524  
Customer Service Representative Ellen Santangelo (919) 575-8131  
Inside Sales Consultant Ray Hilton (919) 575-5520  
Customer Service Administrator Andy Phelps (919) 575-8101  
National Account Manager Les Brunson (919) 575-5506 (919) 630-2742
Customer/Sales Application Engineer Donald Talley (919) 575-5566  
VP of Engineering and Product Management Steve Jenkins (919) 575-5502  
Receivables Manager Stephen Bigelow (919) 575-5551  

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